We provide a Cost Comparison, and Analysis resulting in the ultimate Payback Analysis

APP System

The Alstad, Inc. Permanent Plant maintenance system. The APP System is a proprietary, detailed maintenance and management manual to help insure that your people continue to care for the plants and products to maximize the life of the product, and minimize your operational costs over the long term. We provide specialized cleaning products, fluids and materials.

Coordinated Design

We will coordinate furniture, fixtures, flooring and equipment including light poles, bollards and waste receptacles.

Patio Furniture

We work closely with our clients to provide durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing furniture.

Interior and Exterior Program

Alstad, Inc., is a full-service interior/exterior plantscaping business that specializes in using high-quality commercial grade permanent plants, flowers and trees. We also carry a unique line of cost-effective and sustainable site furniture, art, and accesories. In addition to our high-quality products, we provide professional design, maintenance, and consulting services to our clients.